MANAGED SERVICES VoIP PHONE SYSTEMS DATA PROTECTION/BACKUP/REPLICATION NETWORK ARCHITECTURE/INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECT MANAGEMENT/CONSULTING 911 N. Buffalo Drive Suite 208 Las Vegas, NV 89128 Services and Support Get Support P: 702.850.7272 F: 702.852.0270 E: VoIP Telephone Systems (PBX)    -	Hosted (Cloud Based)    -	Scalable to meet your needs    -	Robust feature set    -	Customized call flow and Auto Attendant    -	Voicemail to Email    -	Call Recording and Archiving vFax – Virtual Fax Solution    -	No physical phone lines or additional equipment required    -	Send from web portal or your mailbox    -	Fax status notifications and reporting CORE WEB SUPPORT -	 DNS Hosting and Management -  Domain Registration and Management -  SSL Certificate Management -	Planning and Design -	Implementation and Installation -	Monitoring and Maintenance Home Onsite Solutions    -	Quick and easy backup to a network device    -	Fast recovery from primary storage failure     -	Low cost    -	Scalable Offsite Solutions    -	Redundant data storage    -	Fully automated and monitored backup    -	Scalable as data load increases    -	Stored in multiple locations Hybrid Solutions